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Thoughts of a Ragamuffin.
And Miscellaneous Stuff.

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Some of Michael's thoughts:
If all the muscles in the human body pulled together in one direction, they could lift 22 tons.

Most fish can swim backwards, but sharks can't.
Those enlightning thoughts were brought to you by my friend Michael.



And from Piek...

SUBJECT: Absorbancy
its amazing the things that hit you when you're sick. im stayin out of class for day 3 today, and finally getting on to some reports that i have coming up. all ive done for the past day is read email and some theory boox and i have gotten smarter. i mean, ive talked to a couple of people like bets and aaron and mike and gina and austen, but hey. the guys are roomates so i kinda hafto.
so anyway, i started writing a report and all of a sudden som petsie (Pepsi) fell on my keyboard (that whole thru the lips over the gums thing confuses me at times...ill blame illness). so jello legs me decides not to get up and fix it, so i used my shirt. it was only a little spill and lo and behold! within a few milliseconds, the dark spot was no longer threatening the longetivity of my keyboards life! wow. and it was magically transferred on to my shirt!!!
absorbancy makes piek happy

more of the wonders of the universe series to come.

love, piek.



During the close Bebo Norman's run with Caedmon's '98 tour, something strange happened. While Bebo was performing, Caedmonite Derek Webb ran onstage at Knott's Berry Farm in CA, with the words 'Soy Bomb' written on his bare chest. He proceeded to dance strangely. I read about this on the Caedmon's site, in Aaron's road journals, and it struck me as very...weird. I investigated the term 'Soy Bomb' hoping to find significance. This is what i found:

from Deli-Cut

My condolences to anyone who did not watch the broadcast of the 1998 Grammy Awards. Quite possibly the best bad TV since the O.J. chase, the Grammys featured a string of mishaps culminating with America’s introduction to one Michael Portnoy, a.k.a. Soy Bomb.

To sum up what occurred, Portnoy was hired as one of many extras who were to stand around the set during Bob Dylan’s performance. Going above and beyond the call of duty, Portnoy broke from the crowd and rushed toward Dylan. Standing just a few feet from St. Bob, Portnoy danced maniacally with the words "Soy Bomb" painted on his bare chest. Security removed him from the stage, but not before he’d created a memorable spectacle and almost made Dylan pee his pants.

The next day, Soy Bomb got his fifteen minutes of fame when John Norris interviewed him on MTV. Asked what his motivation was, Mr. Bomb answered something to this effect: Soy is representative of vegetation, something nourishing and alive. It is also Spanish for "I am." Bomb is explosive. Portnoy fancied himself to be a "Soy Bomb" exploding during the Grammys, a program dedicated mainly to the money-grubbing dinosaurs who are destroying music. Soy Bomb’s intention was to reveal mainstream rock as the gutless industry it is and to restore music's excitement and emotional honesty.

War of the Corphroges

I don't like cockroaches. In fact, until this year I had panic attacks when I saw one. I'd freak - couldn't get close enough to kill it - and have to wait until my dad showed up to defeat the evil beast. And then after that, I'd spend the next two hours looking for them. It would take half a day for me to go into the general area where the evil beast had been seen. And that was just one of the black ones. See, to me, black ones are not half as scary as the reddish-brown ones. Why? I don't know. The reddish-brown ones look more demonic and have more character. I'd cry when I'd see a reddish-brown one. These things really bother me.
I guess my intense fear of cockroaches started back in 5th grade, when I went to Hilton Head to visit my then best friend, Elizabeth C. We were staying overnight in the house her parents were building just off the isle, and since it was a work in progress, there wasn't much furniture. So Libby & I camped out in her room, sleeping bags and a few blankets, etc. We'd just decided to really really quit talking this time and go to sleep, and I was partly dozed off when I felt something tickle my head. Then Libby screamed and jumped up and turned on the light and proclaimed to me, "A cockroach ran across my nose!!!!" To which we were fully disgusted and stayed up the next 2 and a half hours - then we slept with the light on.
Lemme say something here - South Carolina roaches are not regular roaches. South Carolina roaches, for some reason or another, look like they've been pumped with hormones and then decided to pump iron. We South Carolinians call these "Palmetto Bugs". Sounds like such a cute little thing, right? Kind of like a "chigger" or a "crawdad". We southerners have a weird way of making certain things sound less intimidating than they really are. Really, though, these things are monsters (to me). I always figured, well, there's gotta be at least one drawback for living in the place that I love.
If that wasn't enough, there were the stories. My former and favorite roomate Lydia H.'s dad is a EEN&T doctor (ear, eye, nose and throat). She told me these loverly stories of her father finding cockroaches in ears and and stuff, the people just having a strange feeling and not being able to hear well one morning. Which did me a whole lotta good.
Anyhoo, over the years I'd had many more cockroach experiences (CRE's) - some more traumatic than others. By this point, I'd gotten to where I could actually HEAR them running up and down the walls at night. I'd turn on the lights and sure enough, cockroach! I rearranged my room so that I would actually have to get out the safety zone of my bed to turn on the lights. I'd carry a flashlight through the house just in case one was waiting for me. My shoes were constantly next to my bed during the night. I wore my shoes all evening, and most of the day. I made sure I had a radio present and on in my room so that the cockroaches might be deterred because of the 'activity'. Also, I would much rather hear Caedmon's Call or Counting Crows than a cockroach running up my wall. If, by chance I saw a cockroach, I would have to drop everything (even sleep) until my entire stinkin' room was clean. I'd be vaccuuming at 1:30 AM, rearranging my furniture at midnight - everything. It had become a great phobia. It's not like "World's Deadliest Swarms" or anything, but it really bothers me.
So I've tried to keep my room clean, in hopes of discouraging those perpetual antagonists. It was almost okay if I saw them at a friends' house, that was their problem, I just watched where I slept. But if it was in my home I couldn't take it. Of course I'd get paranoid after seeing one - I'd imagine twenty more after that. It was pretty dehabilitating at times.
Last night I saw another one. One yesterday morning and one a few nights ago. They've been near-death, which is somewhat comforting (the boric acid's doing some good) but these things are Palmetto bugs in their finest formes. The one lasternight was enormous. It was in the kitchen sink. EW! It was like a really big badmiton birdie. Huge wings. I backed away, calmly, and proceeded to get my mother. She killed it and disinfected the sink. I was astonished about how big it was, but then went to bed. I prayed to my God that I wouldn't see any more, and I didn't. And I was okay. My fears have lessened to an "Ew, that's gross!" and the turning on of lights before I enter a room. And the latter is something I've always done, anyway. I just look more carefully after I see una cucaracha.
So what happened? How'd I get over my fear?
The X-Files. Yup, the episode "The War of the Corphroges". It was about a town infested by cockroaches. And then a series of unexplained deaths, which led Mulder & Scully to the scene. These cockroaches are attacking people and finding an open wound and then running up inside their skin, which has to be The most disgusting thing in the world. Forget Flukeman, forget Black Oil Aliens, imagine a cockroach running up inside your body. EWWWW. So these poor people would go mad within a few minutes, and go into this crazy self-mutilation thing, so it looked like a suicide. And, conveniently, the roach would leave the body shortly after it died.
By the way, I could not bring myself to watch this at night. I had to turn on the lights at 10AM and sit and squirm and could only watch it in 20-minute increments.
Mulder's led to this house that's owned by the goverment (some US gov., you know, the USDF or INS or CIA or MADD or something - yes, I realize that MADD is not a USG org), and he decides to search (without a search warrant, go fig). So he's going through this house, with a flashlight as protection, and he sees the walls moving. Like, the wallpaper was ALIVE. So he finds this chica ("Her name is BAMBI?") who is like, in love with cockroaches. She's fascinated by these things. Uhg. So he's studying this stuff, while Scully's doing her usual autopsy bit, and well, to make an hour-long story short, they find out that these roaches have metal exoskeletons. Mulder's zany (yet strangely possible) theory is that it's a conspiracy - germ warfare only worse. And Scully thinks he's a lunatic and tries to rationalize it. Just like every other episode... Director Chris Carter's tricks didn't help, either. He had a real live roach run across the camera while shooting, to make us think that there were cockroaches invading our TV's. Gotta hate him because all the credit he's due. But anyway, that's how I got over my intense fear de las cucarachas. I remind myself "No cockroach can be as bad as that!" X-Files has changed my life. If you have a phobia of something or other, X-Files has probably covered it (they seem to get into people's heads and figure out fears). I just thought you should know. Think of this entire email as an unabridged Public Service Announcement.
Paid for by the X Council.
~Elizabeth A. Wittenshawenthaw~
"Looks like you've got yourself a bleepin' alien!"
~Jose Chung's "From Outer Space"


Church & State

Subject: Separation of Church and State..
O.K. ya'll,
The stuff with the president is getting old right now so Here's something else to think about.
Lately in the news I have heard of town after town suing to get manger scenes and the like taken out of public places. How should we deal with that?
And what are your feelings about separation of church and state?

I guess the question here is on legislation of morality, right? Alice and I kind of talked about this today. My pastor touched on it yesterday. It was dealing with the conflict I guess we're getting over, much to my dismay.

The way I see it is that God gave us the Ten Commandments, right? That was the Law, as was all that fun reading in Leviticus and quite a few other books. That was the way things had to be run. Don't kill, don't covet, don't use the Lord's name in vain, all these things. Important things. Mostly to love the Lord. He appointed judges and certain rulers (Josiah, David, Deborah, to name a few) because His laws had to be kept. And He wasn't screwing around with us when He did all this.

The Jewish nation, at the time of Jesus' arrival, was a theocracy. Everything was The Law. The Law was everything. And that motivated the lives of the believers. If they broke The Law, bad things happened. If they misinterpreted the Law outside of the Pharisees or Sadducees' guidelines, BOOM, it was bad. This really stagnates people. We all know people who live like this, right? "Do do do, but don't do that...or, man! I screwed up!!" And then they put themselves in the penalty box and grieve over their sins instead of taking forgiveness to its extent and learning from it.

But then Jesus came. And changed everything. Whoa! It was no longer, "Don't pass too close to that Samaritan, gotta go stone the whores now, don't go talking to that drunk." He went to the Samaritan woman. He stopped the stoning of the whore. He hung out with those dern tax collectors! He cared about them. When asked what the greatest commandment (I.E. Law) was, He did not say, "Keeping all the other commandments and regulations!" No. He made the man look inside himself and remember the real answer, "Love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength." Then, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Those were the greatest commandments. Those were the most important things.

I honestly think the Law that was given to us by God is important enough for us to take a stand and keep that as the laws. As to what Alicat and I were discussing earlier, we, in this great ole democracy of the USA, were given an unbelievable gift by God in choosing our rulers. We have got to be responsible with that gift. We've been given the power to make a difference, even if you can't vote, and to be heard. There are several non-crooked politicians out there, men who I believe walk with God, and are definitely worth supporting in whatever way God leads. In the same way, God's granted us with this opportunity to stand up for what's right, i.e. depictions of Biblical scenes in public, and I think we should do that. So yes, morality should be legislated, whenever possible, TO AN EXTENT.

Now, if we were to go into all the laws, whoa, that would be one heckuva weird place to live. You'd have to set up mind-monitoring devices to make sure someone got a terrible electrical shock whenever they coveted. Or we'd all have to wear lie detectors, and at the end of each day we'd have to go to the local police department and have them take count of our lies to measure how many days we were in prison. Stuff like this God gave us Himself for. That's why we're called to have a relationship with Him. So that we can be free to use His grace and Christ's blood and turn ourselves upside down in His care. We all have to not only take responsibility for our actions, but to point out where our brothers, sisters, and even leaders are wrong.

As far as action on this would-be lawsuit, those congressmen and senators don't just name themselves Rep or Senator. That's us. We're the driving force behind that. We gotta let 'em know where we stand. And it IS legal to share your opinion with someone outside your city or state limits! You don't have to be a consituent of California to be heard in Palm Springs.



*N Sync

 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING: *~*U MAY CRY!!!!*~*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'N Sync:
 Fullfilling Dreams

"Bananas have no lips. Peel banana, peel peel banana..."

A soft, sing-song voice croons through the ward of the German 
children's hospital. Nurses stand around, not saying a word, their lips pressed together with smiles. At the center of the attention is a young, curly-haired Adonis, surrounded by children, some of whom will never get better. He is cross-legged on the floor, at their eye level, singing simple poems. And although the children do not speak English, the point of this meeting reaches them.

"Lean to the left, lean to the right.." he sings, and the children 
break out in laughter as they follow his movements.

When the meeting is over, the children gather around him, clutching 
pads of paper for him to sign. Nurses thank him for stopping by. He smiles lightly and leaves without a trace. On the ride down in the elevator, none of the doctors take notice of his watery red eyes and quivering chin.

Outside of the hospital, he hops into a waiting limo and returns to 
his life as Justin Timberlake, the youngest member of the American quintet, 'N Sync.

His four bandmates are involved in a project today. Justin, sick with 
a nagging case of laringitus, chose his activity for the day. At this 
point in time, he seems more saint than sex symbol. He is just 17, but this sudden meeting makes his face seem older.

"We haven't been there in a while," he says, shivering and bundling up into a quilted jacket. "It's very sad, because there were kids here last year who you knew wouldn't be there the next time. Actually going back makes it more realistic."

Justin arrives back at his hotel, where a steady stream of adoring 
fans stands outside. Taking notice of the arriving limo, they instantly break out into a screaming frenzy. Justin is tired, worn out from the constant travel and, although he denies it, a bit crinkled from the shedding of a few tears. 

Yet out into the mob he wanders, surrounded by heavy security and a 
faceless sea of adolescense. 

"Justin!" one screams. "I love you!"

He patiently shakes hands and signs more papers. A ball wizzes by his 
head, just barely hitting him, and that's when security rushes him inside. Justin is in the lobby, a bit shaken, and hidden behind the teenage mask of cockiness is a sign that he is, in fact, terrifed of the mass hysteria.

Sauntering through the lobby at that paticular moment is Justin's 
bandmate, Chris Kirkpatrick. Chris, considered ancient at the age of 27, is a severe, dangerous looking fellow who sports his hair in an array of tiny braids. One sentence from him changes that initial impression.

"Yo!" he screams across the lobby, causing a few people to turn in 

"They've got free cheese in the dining room!"

Chris is childlike in demeanor while Justin, ten years his junior, is 
quiet and guarded. On the ride up in the elevator, Chris can hardly contain himself from telling a joke he just got off the internet. Stopping off at a middle floor, we get out...but Chris cannot contain himself from pushing every button in the elevator, which will make it stop at every floor in the building. This is all it takes to send Justin into a laughing hysteria.

I meet with the boys in a suite of rooms. JC Chasez, 22, is something 
like the typical boy-next-door, almost naive, but very driven. Joey Fatone, 21, a teddy bear-like fellow with facial hair, is feeling cheeky today, and hugs every female in sight. Ending out the mix is Lance Bass, 19, very blonde with a kind face, who talks gently with a smile.

"See this?" says Joey, turning his face to reveal a red scratch, not 
too big, but deep enough to be hurtful.

"Where did you get that?" I ask, and my question causes the other four boys to exchange knowing glances. 

"Fingernail," he says. "See the shape? It's shaped like a nail."

It turns out that Joey received his prize just moments ago, working 
his way through the mob of fans. A girl tried reaching up to touch his hair, and somehow she ended up scratching her idol when the crowd surged forward. 

Joey is quick not to blame, however.

"Security made us come inside," he says. "I'm sure she would have 
apologized, if she had been given the chance."

Nobody is going to take a chance with the wound, as it is quickly 
rinsed with alcohol.

"Joey always gets hurt," says Chris, light-heartedly but at the same 
time concerned. "He used up a lot of make-up on our first European tour. All those black eyes to cover up."

"What can I say?" says Joey, smiling. "I'm just lucky."

Nobody asks anybody else about anything else regarding that day. 
Instead they gather in one room for lunch. They seem rather unspoiled and simple popping open soda cans and piling Swiss cheese and assorted meat onto slices of bread.

"Where's the caviar?" I ask jokingly.

"Haha!" Justin cries with his mouth full, clearly feeling better after his fuel charge. "We ate some of that once, and all of us spent the day taking turns in the bathroom on the bus. We were sick. Except Joey."

Joey stands across the room, hears the comment, and pats his stomach 
with a smile.

After the meal, it is time to head down to a local radio station for 
an on-air interview. The fans still wait outside, but security isn't taking any more chances. They are escorted out a back way, where it is quiet. The limo drives around to the front, where the girls see it and once again begin their charade. One girl manages to climb up on the back of the limo. The driver, infuriated, blows his horn and slams the brakes. 

"We always check behind us when we drive off," Chris explains, "to 
make sure nobody is lying dead in the street."

The traffic is heavy on this late day, and the ride is long. But it 
gives 'N Sync enough time to contemplate the immediate givings of life.

"Yeah, we cry sometimes," says JC, speaking of the downside of fame. 
"You feel lonely. Isolated. I think that's normal. But we accept that. We're doing something we want to do. We're going to enjoy this opporunity while it's here."

"You cry?" asks Chris teasingly. "Not I!"

"Chris cries when he reads fan mail," barks Lance. "He's happy because people like him."

"Chris cried every night the first week of our first tour," laughs 

"So did you," says Chris, blushing. "OK, I take that first comment 

'N Sync may be well loved in Europe, but they only recently broke out 
this year in their homeland, where they now spend most of their time. This trip back to Europe is to basically let their fans know that they are not forgotten.

"It has always been this crazy here," says Joey, waving his arms 
around. "We'd go back home to Florida, live anonymously, go to movies, clubs, whatever."

"Yeah, it was like a game," says Chris. "To go from insanity to being 
nobody, really. Well, there were some fans. But for the most part, it was like telling somebody you were in a band big overseas, and they laughed at you. Like it was some huge pick-up line or something."

Reaching the radio station, I am ready to leave the group when I 
choose to venture inside. I sit through the interview, listening as they guys churn out pre-planned answers to fans through an interpreter. After an hour, I follow them to a back room, where a worker's daughter is waiting patiently.
She is 10-years-old, is dying from a rare form of cancer which has stunted her growth, yet she once told her father she refused to leave this world until she met her idols. She is brutally honest.

"I have something to tell you," she manages to whisper, and Chris 
bends down to listen, and nobody else can hear.

The guys pile back into the limo, and Chris joins them a few minutes 
later, waving to fans. Once he hops inside, his eyes are red and teary, his face showing the same hollowed expression that Justin displayed hours earlier.

"She told Chris she feels safe enough to let go now," explains a 
female manager, smiling.

Chris, biting a fingernail and trying to remain composed, looks out 
the window and ends on one thought.

"That little girl," he says, "is what makes everything worthwhile." 

(Befu Uitsutsu)


Think Snow

This one's from my friend Snowflake...It goes with the "Bombos" and "Weltachiay"-isms listed above. Look out for a web page, coming soon!
Hey again you guys! Well guess what? My brother and my mom just got home from skiing up at Canaan and I asked my mom to bring me some melted snow...but did she?? NO!!! Oh well. She bought me a little pin instead. It's in the shape of a snowflake and it says in red and blue on it, "THINK SNOW". Cool huh? I kind of interpreted it as "THINK ME". Ya know...Snowflake...Snow for short...ya know? So just remember...whenever you're in trouble, whenever you're sad, whenever you have nothing else to think about..."THINK SNOW"!!!! He, he. Ok so I need pshycological help.

Oh well. I thought it was cool. I'll wear it with pride! Oh guess what? In the Making Of Newsies Video that I received for Christmas (as if you didn't already know that!) Kenny Ortega is wearing a vest that has a snowflake on it!!!! How cool is that?? Do you realize?? In a weird kinda way I was on the set!!!!! Ok...I hear some of you laughing back there. It's cool for me anyway!! SHUT UP!!!! Ok well bye!

CTB '99


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