Okay, here's the deal: you're free to use my scripts. They are copyrighted. All I ask is that you use them in a not-for-profit setting, that would be no ticket sales, no organized love offerings / tithings and that you either email me or sign the guestbook at the bottom of the page, letting me know your name, full email address, and the scripts you're using. That's it! For-profit productions need to be authorized by Refugee Productions, and you can do that by emailing me. I check it regularly. Cool? Now you can check out the scripts! Enjoy!

From Joshua's Shelter: Living With Diversions

MCI Spoof
The Hex Records An X-Files Spoof
Morningstar Trek: The Next Generation of Christians
Psycho Hotline
Afterlife Insurance
JC Peace
Full Life
Channel Surfing
Empty V News
Six Degrees of Caedmon's Call
Ft. Head
What I Want to Be

Miscellaneous Scripts & Skits

What I Want to Be (Juniors)
Omar The Christian Genie
Jesus and Me
The Nice Girls Spice Girls spoof
Emperial Clothing Co.

Full Scripts of:
Joshua's Shelter
Christ's Carol

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