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Hey! Welcome to my PIP (page in progress). Ahhh, I'm finally getting some substance to my page! Aren't you proud of me? Most of the updates have been at one or two in the AM, during Christmas break, go fig. Hang tight, don't let them Delancy's bite, and I'll work on this! Thanks oh-so-very much for your patience!


Thanks so much fer comin by!

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In regards to the discussion on the Newsies Mailing List, I've set up a poll to find out what we really think of Davey. Is he just a boy who feels like he doesn't get enuf credit, or is he a maniac in newsboy's clothing? I vote for a sweetheart, but that's just me! Vote here!

- Poll: Dave's Disposition -
Do you think Davey's an angry boy?

No, dat Dave's as sweet as his mudda thinks 'e is!
Da boy's got homicidal tendencies!
He's jus' got a chip on 'is shoulda, dat's all...
Aw! Youse just paranoid! Dat boy ain't got a mean bone in 'is body...AUGGGHHH! He's comin' afta me wid da knife!!!

Current Results

newsies have visited dis place since October 1 '98!

Check out the cover I made for Chrush's "Ultimate Newsies Cover Page Contest" by clicking here.

Searcher and I are both really big X-Files fans, so we wrote a Newsies/X-Files crossover. Check it out here:

The Truth is in Here


Kloppman Fan Club

Y'all, check it out! It's one little page now, but it's got membership info! And no Kentucky Fried Chicken jokes! "Finger lickin' good..."

"Alright, keep me informed.

I want to know everything that's going on."

-Our Man Denton

Ah, come on! Ya gotta sign me guestbook!

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Yup, I adopted a fluf from Joanne's Homepage. His name is Rich, in loving memory of my all-time fave musician, Rich Mullins. Click on him to adopt your own fluf!