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Hey, y'all! Beth here, I just wanted to let y'all know that this summer I'm
directing the Junior Summer Missions team for Child Evangelism Fellowship
again. The JSM program is a drama team made up of 6-10 Jr. High students
(age 11-13, with the exception of Micah last year, who was my assistant
director, love you Micah!). We go around Columbia, S.C., and surrounding
counties complementing the Christian Youth In Action teams' Bible lessons
through comedy, mime, and puppets (when we can get the stage to hold up...).

Basically what happens is we choose the JSM crew (also affectionately called
Jammers), in the spring, enough time for them to raise the money they need
for materials and props and stuff. Then in June, we come together for a week
of drama and ministry training, and at the end of that week we put on a
performance for sponsors, parents, friends, etc. Then the Jammers get a week
off, while I go to CYIA school (I'm Staff! that was for Mike, Alice &
Nick). and sleep a week...just kidding. After that, the JSM and CYIAers come
together for Observation Week, which is just to make sure we're doing stuff
right. Then we have 3-4 clubs a day where we minister to kids, usually aged
5-12. Once and a while an adult will listen in and get some ministry, too!
Then comes the cool part: God uses the Jammers and CYIAers to bring people
to Him, using the Wordless Book, which is covered in training.

We also work two weeks at Bible camps, which is unbelievably hard, but
definitely the highlight of the summer, 'cause you're guaranteed to hang out
with the kids for 5 days!

I'm not asking y'all for money or anything crazy like that, just a whole
lotta prayer! I, as directer, need to raise $4,000 to help with my college
expenses (and college is expensive!), plus the kids each need to raise
money. Before that, though, God has to bring us the Jammers. I'm praying for
10 this year, so we won't get shorthanded, but I'll be happy with 6 again. I
just want them to be God's choice, not mine. He knows who needs to do this,
and I'm leaving that all up to Him. Please pray that God will lead them to
CEF or myself, or vice versa.

Another request is for the clubs and camps. They're not guaranteed to be
easy, they haven't always been in the past, and it's definitely a humbling
experience - it makes you totally rely on God for strength and patience
(especially when a kid chases you with scissors...poor Stacey). There's also
this long, tedious, boring (did I say boring? I meant, exciting!
Enthralling! Marvelous!) process of lining up the 100+ Bible clubs, doing
close to 400 reference checks, confirmations, and figuring out travel
arrangements, etc. It's a three-ring circus around the office with so much
stuff going on. Just pray for the staff to be able to get things organized
without too much heartache.

Okay, I'm gonna wrap this up, really! I think the other big things on my
mind are weather, transportation and health. As for weather, it's hot in
South Carolina in the spring, but it's burning in the summer. I like the
heat, but it's tough having to manage kids and your own behavior when you
start wanting to whine, too. This goes hand and hand with transportation. My
vehicle of choice is this '82, 15-passenger, beat up as they come, shouldn't
be running, retired church van, whom we call "Big Blue" or "The Big Blue
Van". Blue doesn't have air conditioning. Blue doesn't like to start. Blue
likes to eat gas. But I love this vehicle, and he proved himself quite the
friend last year (especially when we were zooming through the boondocks of
Camden 'blaring' "Live is a Highway"). He cools off once you hit about 55,
but being stuck in traffic isn't exactly fun. Unless Kenard's in the van,
rollin' wid da homies...I guess it would be nice if we just have a decently
cool summer (it would balance things out since we had a rather warm winter,
right?), so if Blue decides to stop for a day, we wouldn't all die of heat
stroke (can ya die of heat stroke?) while waiting for a Good Samaritan.

There's the last li'l issue of health. As y'all may know, last summer (okay,
all of last year), was pretty hard for me physically. Finding out some wierd
stuff about my health (didn't think it was possible to 19 and have a gall
stone). I'm still weak, but I'm learning how to deal with the stress, which
is more than half the battle for me. Just pray that this summer, regardless
how I may feel, or if I'm uncomfortable, I will continue to follow Christ's
example. Even more so, if I should feel great, that I would follow Him.

I wanna thank everyone's who's kept me in your prayers the last few years.
It's been tough, no tougher than some of y'all, I imagine, but God's been
good. I've been blinded to His grace most of the time because of my
selfishness, but He's teaching me that He's here. This summer is gonna be
incredible, I can feel it, and I want you all to join me in praise for what
He's doing. Thanks so much!

If y'all are interested in the CYIA or JSM programs, either email me ) or you can call Child Evangelism of the
Midlands - I think the number's (803) 798-4405.

In Christ's hope,

Refugee Productions

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