My Me Page

Hi. My name's Elizabeth. I run things at Refugee. This is some stuff about me. No, not a boring resume.

The Mickey Mouse Club (MMC), The X-Files, Roundhouse, Charlie's Angels, Full House, Perfect Strangers, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Cosby Show, ALF (Nicholas!), The A-Team, MacGyver (do you have a hair pin?), CHiPs, the Dick Van Dyke Show, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda (my hero!), Taxi, Unsolved Mysteries, the Simpsons, Get Smart, Dragnet, Green Acres, Batman (the original eps. "so bad it's good."), Gilligan's Island, I Love Lucy, the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The F-Troop, Perry Mason, Murder, She Wrote, Mr. Belvedere, Growing Pains, Charles in Charge, Who's the Boss, Mork & Mindy, Third Rock, Suddenly Susan, Mad About You, Boy Meets World, Family Ties, Fame, Knight Rider, The Twilight Zone, Adventures of Pete & Pete, the Monkees, Saved by the Bell (the Zack-Slater-Kelly-Lisa-Screech-Jessi years), Fresh Prince, Home Improvement, My So-Called Life, 21 Jump Street, Lois and Clark, and Life Goes On.

Whoa. I've watched alotta TV.

Newsies, Ever After: A Cinderella Story, Mighty Ducks 2 & 3, Sister Act 2, Singin' in the Rain, Much Ado About Nothing, JFK (if muted and still edited), The Little Mermaid, Conspiracy Theory, anything with Harrison Ford, Enemy of the State (whoa, conservatives are the good guys!), A Few Good Men, most anything conspiracy-oriented...

Mkay. Music. CAEDMON'S CALL! Rich Mullins, Jennifer Knapp, Simon & Garfunkel, Barenaked Ladies, Indigo Girls, Cindy Morgan, Sarah McLachlin, Collective Soul, Live, Dave Matthews, Waterdeep, Andrew Peterson Chris Sawin, Fiona Apple, Jars of Clay, Days of the New, Maire Brennan (that's Mo-ya), Gary Chapman, Crystal Lewis, Counting Crows (duh-huh), Natalie Merchant, Rebecca St. James, Say-So, Third Day, Bebo Norman (whatta cutie), Pachelbel and most other baroques, Reinhart (swing heil), Hanson. Yes, I said Hanson. I'm over 15, so I can say that. Sarah Masen, Siler's Bald, Tracy Chapman, Cake, The Ragamuffins (my namesakes), Edwin McCain. I dunno. There are tons more, but you get the idea.

1. gatorade or powerade? Powerade

2. Claire's or afterthoughts? everything i get from Claire's seems to break. so afterthoughts.

3.stripes or plaid? Plaid

4. juno or aol? juno i hate aol. hate it. not the people on it, just aol itself.

5. christmas or birthdays? my bdays Dec 21. there is no difference in my life.

6. cool or awesome?(phrase) awesomemissical. right-o, Jenn?

7. chicken or hamburger? eat more chikin.

8. Titanic or Ever After? Ever After, although Titanic was pretty good, in my opinion

9. comedy or drama? comedy when i'm acting, but drama when i'm watching

10. CDs or radio? CD's

11. piano or guitar? my Garcia or Nicholas' MaHa (guitars, tho piano is great)

12. Alicia Silverstone or Katie Holmes? Keri Russell

Sandra Bullock or Melissa Joan Hart? Sandra Bullock

14. classical or jazz? what, now I have to choose between baroque and Reinhart? no, i will not answer that question!

15. NBC or FOX? FOX for XFiles, NBC for XFiles reruns

iceskating or gymnastics? gymnastics. Shannon Miller's takin up iceskating now, and i adore Ekatarina Gordieava

17. skillet or bleach? Skillet

18. extreme or natural style? au natural

19. hyper or mellow? mellow, typically.

20. sensitive or tough? sensitive but make horrid attempts at being tough

21. shy or outgoing? outgoing. i can act really well.

22. curly or straight hair? depends on who is wearing it. >>another good one, Nathan

23. tv or sleep in? let's put it this way. my Snap! MN is sleep_til_noon.

24. theater or rental? theater. specially when Caedmon's is playin in it!

25. class clown or mysterious person? i just sit and analyze both

26. magizines or books? "Read all the good books you can, and avoid nearly all magazines." -C.S. Lewis, December 14, 1959.

27. blue, brown or green eyes? green, although i appear to be stuck w/"stormy blue", according to my Alicefriend.

28. talker or listener? talker. i must be heard.

29. scared of hights or enclosed places? both. moreso heights.

30. privacy or people person? hermit at heart, but have learned, through homeschooling, nonetheless, to interact well. big fish//small pond syndrome.

31. Wisdom or knowledge? Wisdom.

32. Leonardo Da Vinci or Leonardo de Caprio? Court of da Vinci, if he was anything like the man in Ever After!

33. Religious or Christian? Christian

34. Predestination or free will? a whole lot of both. click here for my essay.

35. Equality or truth? Truth, it sets the unequal free

36. Education or dumb? Edumacation ("I don't need no school!" -Portman)

37. Fuschia or magenta? Magenta, cause she's nice! =)

38. Meat or baloney? umm...ew...chicken

39. Ace Ventura, Pet Detective or The Truman Show? Truman

40. "To Kill a Mockingbird" or "The Amazing Spiderman"? The Adventures of Batman & Robin

41. Heart or soul? Soul, at least right now.

42. Slide rule or calculator? Big calculators, the one with the nice big fingers tend to hit the wrong numbers.

43. Typewriter or word processor? Typewriter. Who needs spell check when all typographical errors are purely intentional, Nathan?

44. Star Wars or Gordy? Star Wars. Even tho I haven't ever seen a whole flick. I did see Gordy, however, and that makes me wanna say Star Wars.

45. Treasure Island or Quake? Treasure Island

46. Clear or transparent? transparent

47. Purple or violet? violet

48. WWJD or FROG? WDJD? (What Did Jesus Do?)

49. Mineral spirits or Surge? Pepsi.

50. "Four Views on Hell" or "Systematic Theology"? Systematic Theology. Definitely (lol)

51. Chinese "food" or other slimy foods? Chinese...well, chicken teriaki w/ fried rice from Mandarin Express at Columbiana Centre, OR General Tao's (or Bourbon) chicken w/ fried rice from China Max at Dutch Square...mmmm....

52. Dogs or chihuahuas? dogs

53. Cats or queens? cats

54. Lie or mislead? lie

55. Clean or politics? clean.

56. Sam and Max or Veggie Tales? Veggie Tales (oh, where is my hairbrush, anyway?)

57. Perpetuity or deathlessness? hmph. neither. see Death Becomes Her.

58. Like or love? love...liking seems very lukewarm.

59. 1% milk or water? another agreement with Nathan C. - what's the difference?

60. Mark Twain or Samuel Clemens? Twain. Psuedonyms are sometimes necessary.

61. Comfort or God's will? God's will. see "My Calm//Your Storm" at Caedmon's Call's Site

62. Selfishness or ambition? ambition. i've learned that they are two completely different things, as of late! =)

63. Contentment or posessions? contentment

64. Heaven or hell? what's the question? where I should go or where I am going?

whoa, regression

55. Honesty or sarcasm? sarcasm's easier to muster, and i tend to forget to be completely honest...but honesty's definitely the virtue. ever looked up "sarcasm" in the dictionary? whoa...

56. Beauty or good looks? i'd rather have good looks. sad, ain't it? there i am, tryin to be honest again...

57. Lyrics or tune? lyrics

58. Pain or pleasure? alotta these refer to Caedmon's for me..."I'd rather have wisdom and pain than be a comfortable old fool." -Aaron Tate

59. Who loves you more than Jesus? what the heck kinda question is that? who wrote this?

60. Who do you love more than Jesus? Myself. That's terrible, I know.

61. Hardees or Arby's? both make me sick. Chick-Fil-A!

62. Rootbeer ot Dr. Pepper? Dr. Pepper, only if Pepsi's unavailable

63.JB White or Sears? Sears

64. Basketball or soccer? soccer

65. computer or nintendo? computer

66. Delia's or Nikki? Delia's, I guess, 'cause Amelia sez Alice should be a Delia's model. But Britney Spears was on a Just Nikki catalog...

67. ketchup or mustard? mayo

68. black or white?( clothes) white T-shirts, black boots

69. moovies or blockbuster? blockbuster, tho Carrie says moovies really cutefully!

70. Limited or Limited too? Lerner NY

71. beach or mountains? mountains.

72. summer or winter? summer 'cause my friends are outta school, winter 'cause I can wear long sleeves

73. spring or fall? spring brings flowers (good thing) which brings pollen (bad thing). so I must say fall. my head works better in November anyway.

74. country or RB? R&B, 'cept for Abra Moore and some Garth or Reba or MCC...early 90's country was pretty good...

75. Audio A or Newsboys? Neither, but Becca St. James, Third day, Caedmon's Call (hehe, Daniel), Jenn Knapp, Cindy Morgan, Rich Mullins & The Ragamuffins

76. Celine Dion or Alanis Morisette? Celine sometimes, Alanis sometimes (more times than Celine)

77. Hanson or Backstreet Boys? Hanson. At least they make their own music.

78. Third Eye Blind or NSYNC? Ha! Alice, I like this question! I must say *NSYNC 'cause I KNOW THEM! lol. out of love for Joshua Scott & a certain Timberlake boy...if this gets around to em, Keri's friend from '94, Beth, says hi! JC, man, say hey to Tony fer me...

79. 104.7 or 93.5? ninety-three five...I LOVE FoOK and KENDALL!

80. Hawaii or Bahamas? Ew...beaches...Hawaii, 'cause they say it's incredible horseback riding territory there.

81. Plane or boat? plane, unless I'm gonna meet my future hubby on a boat, in which case I'll gladly say boat...what, Beth, married?!?

82. sports or art? art. but only when my motor skills are turned on

83. sketchers or candies? uhhh...Ralph Lauren

84. target or walmart? wallyworld

85. short hair or long hair? depends on the individual

86. golden retriever or cocker spaniel? aww! it's a doggawie!

87. procrastinate or get it done? i'll answer that later.

88. english or math?ummm. English

89. skiing or snowboarding? NO SNOW. It gives me a headache.

90. neon or pastel? I actually prefer the 'classic' colors: forest green, wines, deep yellow, carriage red, ya know, anything with a snazzy adjective in front of it.

91. gold or silver jewelry? Silver.

92. red or blue? blue

93. crazy or serious? exhausted

94. flare or baggy? flare if they fit right. unless i'm bein a slob. then my Bebos

95. e-mail or phone? email

96. blonde or brunette? redhead now. go me.

97. Warner Bros. or Disney? Warner for Caedmon's and Disney for Newsies and MMC.

98. Pepsi or Coke? figure it out by clicking here

J. Crew or Abercrombie? Abercrombie! They play Barenaked Ladies in their stores!

100. Phantom of the Opera or Cats? Phantom, because one day I'm gonna play Meg Guiry! =)

101. Now or Later? yes, please. (sorry, i loved Russell's answer to this)

Say hi to Rich, my adopted Fluf!

Long Live the Granada!

My brother Frank, from his studio, Southern Accents.

Still can't get enuf of Rags? Go HERE for my thoughts...