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Ahhhh...I'm updating! Figured I'd do this before I start serious work with Refugee again. This summer's been kinda hard, good, but hard. I was blessed to get to direct Child Evangelism Fellowship's Junior Summer Missionary program again. We had eleven awesome kids this summer, doing drama and puppetry. Here's a shout out to Jorts, Charlie, Squeegee, Curly, Moe, Labadoo, Attorney, Marshmallow, Pippi, Psycho Suzie & Ameba!

I'm doing an overhaul on content, so bewares! I'll prolly be working my rear off the next week to alleviate some of this pressure on my conscience *grin* (okay, that was a Jackism). Have fun as I beautify the site!

Due to the site overhaul, the scripts section will be reformatted

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