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History of Refugee:

I guess it started after my missions trip to Canada. I was chosen to work a lot in drama (the first thing when we arrived at training camp was audition. Frightening! We did dramatic performances every day for a month in Southern Ontario, and when I got back to South Carolina, it was in my blood. I'd worked in school productions and stuff, but never with a missions emphasis. It was awesome!

So that Christmas, I wrote a dramatic production called Christ's Carol. That script will be up on the site soon. Then, after vowing never ever to do another play, I started thinking about comedy...and began writing the script for Joshua's Shelter: Lives with a Refuge.

In short, that script stunk. I tossed it the deep dark realms of My Closet. If I'd had a stake, I'd have stabbed it and buriend it in my yard. (I came across this script recently and was so glad I didn't get around to using it!

Then I studied the world-class comedy troupe of Disney'sThe All New Mickey Mouse Club and Nickelodeon's Roundhouse, and looking at the sketches from a Biblical viewpoint. And then I wrote what has come to be known simply as Joshua's Shelter. Subtitled Living with Diversions, for dramatic flair. Whoo-eee. I'm spectacular. Should be a headline writer.

Well, Joshua's Shelter came to be a reality. We started production in January of '98, and performed in May. It was a multimedia production, TV, comedy skits, commercials, all sorts of stuff. The theme was Entertainment vs. Religion, which made it fun. The whole thing was a learning experience for me, as well as the cast, and I still haven't taken in all the lessons from it!

On this site, you'll find scripts. Lots of 'em. And various stuff that I've found regarding performance and 'the biz'. I'm a Communications Major at Bryan College in Tennessee, and wondering, like any 20-year-old, what the heck's gonna happen with my life? I guess it'll all be fine and dandy, as long as I have a working relationship with God, huh? Oh, the annals of life in general.

For now, hang tight. You can email me (Beth) for more info, I check my mail pretty regularly, and I'm always interested in what others have to say.

Peace of Christ to you.

Elizabeth Witt
Refugee Productions

Refugee Productions adopted a Fluf, named Rich, in loving memory of Rich Mullins.