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Description of the ring:
This webring is for Caedmon's Guild members to unite and share their work on a multi-media level. This is not an official site. Also, you do not need to be a Guild member to join. Check out the qualifications for more info!

Elizabeth, your friendly webring hostess!

Qualifications for joining:

1. You do not need to be a Caedmon's Guild member to join.

2. Your page does not need to be Caedmon-centric: sites about independent bands, bands that have appeared on Awakening Compilations or have been distributed by Grassroots are welcome! Your site may also include poetry, prose, lyrics, artwork, stories, essays, humor - basically anything is welcome. We simply ask that you be a Caedmon's Call fan.

3. This webring is rated "G". Your site need not be religious, but we ask that you check your content for anything offensive before submitting your site.

4. For more information on the Guild, click here.

How to join:

1. Fill out the submission form

2. Bookmark this page for future use!

3. Wait until you are admitted to join (verification by email). This should take no longer than three working days!

4. When you are admitted, paste the HTML to your page!

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