This site is a reference tool for Newsies fan fiction writers. Brought on by the success of the Newsgirls Lodging House phenomenon, this source is to bring fact into the fiction. Here you can find maps, timelines, and histories of actual events in and around New York City. I do hope you find this useful and helpful.

Broken up into pages for NYC and the different lodging house areas, the information is mostly on outside, non-Newsie links. The lodging house information will be posted as well, and any other sites or information you have is welcome. Thanks for coming!
-Rags, Ash, and Midnight in the Newsieverse.

*NOTE** This site is BRAND NEW. Some of the links don't yet work, but that's okay - they will with the more information that's submitted. If you want to see something on the page email me. Thanks again!

NYC at the turn of the century
Bensonhurst The Bronx
Brooklyn Greenwich Village
Harlem Hoboken
Jersey City Little Italy
Long Island Lower Manhattan
Midtown Staten Island
Queens Yonkers

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